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Copy a Directory to Another Server

I need a script to my directory to another servers. Firstly, i tried to download from my site and upload another site but it is not so fast. Because there is lots of files in that directory. I wrote a little php script for this. I hope you will enjoy..
P.S.: This code is only copy files in that  directory, if there is another directories this script didnt copy them..

$ftp_server =;
$ftp_username = "myuser";
$ftp_password = "mypass";

$source_directory = "/home/mywebsite/public_html/test/";
$destination_directory = "public_html/test/";

$ftp_connection = ftp_connect($ftp_server);
$connection_result = ftp_login($ftp_connection, $ftp_username, $ftp_password);

if ((!$ftp_connection) || (!$connection_result)) {
        echo("<font color=red>Connection Error!...</font><br>");
        echo("<font color=red>$ftp_username user can't connect to $ftp_server ...</font><br>");
    } else {
        echo("<font color=green>$ftp_username connected to $ftp_server ...</br>");
$copied_directory = opendir($source_directory);

while($my_file = readdir($copied_directory))
 if($my_file != "." && $my_file != "..")
  $source_my_file = $source_directory.$my_file;
  $target_my_file = $destination_directory.$my_file;
  $upload = ftp_put($ftp_connection, $target_my_file, $source_my_file, FTP_BINARY);
  if (!$upload)
   echo "<font color=red>Can't connect...</font>";
   echo "<font color=green> $my_file is copied to $ftp_server ...</font><br>";



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