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Copyright Dispute for your Dedicated Server at GoDaddy

4 days ago i get mail from Copyright Claims Dept. They told me “One of my site
has come to our attention that the website found on this server contains
material being displayed without the consent of the owner/copyright
holder.” That web site is forum and users posts items. But my server is suspended. I tried to re-open my server for 3 days. Now my server is up. I like’s support team, they are really fast and helpful. But Copyright Claims Dept. is very slow, i sent 5 mails in these 3 days and i didnt get any answer. My answer is come yesterday, after 3 days. They told me send mail in certain format, format is;

“I, John Doe, under penalty of perjury, will remove the offending content
at [insert full resolving URL] promptly after the reactivation of my

John Doe
(Please accept the above as an electronic signature.) — I scan my signature and attached with mail.

Copyright Department

I sent this kind of mail to and they opened in 1 hour. I remove copyrighted data. I hope no ones server will no suspended. Dont forget if there is a problem with Copyright content in GoDaddy only answers your mail and can help you.


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