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Google Announced Ad Manager Blog and Twitter Page

Google Ad Manager
Google Ad Manager

Google likes twitting and blogging. I posted Google Twitter list before. They sent a new announcement they create Google Ad Manager Blog and Google Ad Manager Twitter Page. 

 Here is the announcement;

To keep you up-to-date with the latest news from the Google Ad Manager team, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Google Ad Manager Blog and Twitter page!

The Ad Manager blog ( is a place for you to turn to for the latest news, tips, and resources from an assortment of Googlers on the Ad Manager team. You can look forward to regular posts, so bookmark the link above and come back to visit often. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed (top right corner of the blog) so you never miss a post.

In addition to the blog, you can now follow Ad Manager (@googleadmanager) on Twitter to get daily, bite-sized updates from the Ad Manager team. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see, feel free to send an @reply to us.

Please note that since we want to make the Ad Manager blog and Twitter page as useful as possible to everyone following us, we can’t respond via the blog or Twitter to questions regarding individual Ad Manager accounts. Please continue to visit the Ad Manager Help Center and Help Forum to troubleshoot your specific issues.

Happy tweeting and blogging!
The Google Ad Manager Team


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