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Iframe Virus Removal Todo List

I wrote a post about “Iframe Virus Removal“. Everyday, lots of users come to that post. I want write more about virus. I write a todo list. Virus Remove todo list:

  1. Change all FTP passwords which is saved in your FTP program (ex. CuteFtp)
  2. Close your web sites if they are virused.
  3. Remove this code: “<iframe src=”;” style=”display:none”></iframe>” with using Dreamweaver or any program which is access all pages in a directory.
  4. Dont forget this virus add this all pages (.php, .html, .asp) which have got </body> tag, virus add before this tag. Virus can add code to javascripts too.
  5. Download “Avast Home Edition“, free and infected this virus.
  6. Setup Avast Home Edition
  7. Restart your PC and open in safe mode
  8. Scan all of your computer.
  9. Upload clean pages to your web site
  10. Reopen your web site
  11. If google says your web site is have badwares, read;
    1. My site?s been hacked ? now what??
    2. Hey Google, I no longer have badware

PS: I am not guarenteed virus removal, this is my todo list. I did and now it is all cleaned.


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