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Iframe Virus Removal

Today i upload an index file to my web site and i saw an iframe that site. I am shocked. Because i never use any iframe. I enter another sites for checking. All web sites are iframed. In my explorer all web sites are virused. I checked my sites to my friends. They saw iframe virus in my site. I search this virus, it is changing index and default files. Add code like here..

<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>

UPDATED (5th June 2009):

After a while, virus come back. I used Avast Free Version, that is find all viruses and removed. But it is damaged infected files. All infected .html and .php files are deleted. Download Avast Home Edition >

This virus also affected your google results. Google can block your site because of badware. You have to read “My site’s been hacked – now what?” and after remove your virus you have to read “Hey Google, I no longer have badware“.

PS: I am not guarenteed virus removal, these are only what i do.


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