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Signing a Windows Programs

I wrote a program, but lots of virus program giving alerts and i learn i have to sign my programs with “code signing”. There is lots alternative for code signing, i choice Verisign. There is some steps for signing.

Getting Signature

  1. Buy a code signin certificate. Whole list > (You can also create test certificates using makecert.exe.)
  2. User Certificate Manager (certmgr.exe) The Certificate Manager is also used to import and export certificates.
  3. You get some files from CA (Verisign etc.) Save as abc.cer and abc.spc, after we will conver that files to .pfx
  4. command prompt ;
    cert2spc xyz.cer xyz.spc
    pvk2pfx -pvk abc.pvk -pi pvkpassword -spc abc.spc -pfx pfxfilename -po pfxpassword -f
  5. Finally, import your file to certificate store.
  6. After we can sign our programs.

Signing program

  1. You can use wizard but it doesnt work in Win8
    Command prompt: signtool signwizard
  2. Another option;
    signtool sign /yourfile.exe
  3. Dont forget to add timestamp for sign
    signtool timestamp -t yourfile.exe

Here is more details;


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