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str_replace Case Sensitive Problem

When i use str_replace for replacement in PHP, it is changing without any case sensitive. Example i want to bold HousE, code is

$text = "I like my house.";
$string = "HousE";
$text = str_replace($string,"<b>$string</b>",$text);

Php 5 have another function to solve this problem str_ireplace() . But this is solve my problem exactly. Because i want to replace case sensitive to case sensitive.  I found this solution for my problem. I hope you’ll enjoy.

function ext_str_ireplace($findme, $replacewith, $subject)
     // Replaces $findme in $subject with $replacewith
     // Ignores the case and do keep the original capitalization by using $1 in $replacewith
     // Required: PHP 5

     $rest = $subject;
     $result = '';

     while (stripos($rest, $findme) !== false) {
          $pos = stripos($rest, $findme);

          // Remove the wanted string from $rest and append it to $result
          $result .= substr($rest, 0, $pos);
          $rest = substr($rest, $pos, strlen($rest)-$pos);

          // Remove the wanted string from $rest and place it correctly into $result
          $result .= str_replace('$1', substr($rest, 0, strlen($findme)), $replacewith);
          $rest = substr($rest, strlen($findme), strlen($rest)-strlen($findme));

     // After the last match, append the rest
     $result .= $rest;

     return $result;


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