Change Time Zone with htaccess

In my server there are some sites from Turkey, some of from England, some of from Germany. I have got timezone problem in that sites. I found easy solution for this. Just add .htaccess this code: or You can test date is change or not If htaccess can’t solve your problem, add this code to …

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This tutorial uses PHP5 to download and cache your recent bookmarks in RSS format from the Delicious API, then displays them in a HTML unordered list. Source :

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Creating Google Sitemap in PHP

We can create dynamic sitemap with using PHP & Mysql. My example code is easy to apply your system. Google Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

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Calculate Last Week, Last Month in Mysql

We need get datas from last week, last month, yesterday and today. We can do it easily in MySQL. Getting Current Date Result : 2009-06-04 Getting Last Week Datas Getting Last Month Datas Getting Last Year Datas And Php example for this calculations, getting last month orders For more information of Date and time functions …

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Update PHP to 5.2.9 in CentOS

I am using CentOS, i need update Php but yum latest Php version is Php 5.2.6. I solve this problem with download RPM from Full Rpm list is in Php Latest Download :

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