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Watermark All Uploaded Images in WordPress

Water MarkI need a code for watermarked all uploaded images in wordpress. I google it, and i find a solution in WP Glamour. You only add this codes and all of your upload images are watermarked. This very easy solution for watermark your images. Because if you try to add watermark with PhotoShop or another image program, it will be so hard for you.

Firstly create a file with name “watermark.php”, after you will add a rule to .htaccess file.


$src = $_GET['src'];

header('Content-type: image/jpeg');

//this will prevent the watermark from showing up in the thumbnail images
if (eregi("150x150", $src)) {
 $watermark = imagecreatefrompng('empty.png');
} else {
 $watermark = imagecreatefrompng('watermark.png');
$watermark_width = imagesx($watermark);
$watermark_height = imagesy($watermark);
$image = imagecreatetruecolor($watermark_width, $watermark_height);
if(eregi('.gif',$src)) {
$image = imagecreatefromgif($src);
elseif(eregi('.jpeg',$src)||eregi('.jpg',$src)) {
$image = imagecreatefromjpeg($src);
elseif(eregi('.png',$src)) {
$image = imagecreatefrompng($src);
else {
exit("Your image is not a gif, jpeg or png image. Sorry.");
$size = getimagesize($src);
$dest_x = $size[0] - $watermark_width - 0;
$dest_y = $size[1] - $watermark_height - 0;
imagecopyresampled($image, $watermark, $dest_x, $dest_y, 0, 0, $watermark_width, $watermark_height, $watermark_width, $watermark_height);

imagejpeg($image, "", 95);

.htaccess file

RewriteRule ^(.*)wp-content/uploads/(.*) $1watermark.php?src=wp-content/uploads/$2

Download Source Codes >

Full description of script >

WordPress Watermark Plugin >


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